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Elk Creek Campground

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Elk Creek Campground is 1 of 3 group campgrounds along this stretch of Hwy 21. The campground is set in the trees beside a very large meadow. Elk Creek runs along the east side of the camp and is separated by a pole fence. The sites have ample shade even though the trees are thin in some areas.

Campsites: There are 3 tent / RV camping sites in a row. Each has its own picnic table and fire ring with a grill attached. The road is gravel and the sites are natural.

Host on Site: No.

Water: Potable water is available from a hand-pump equipped well.

Garbage Services: There is a bear resistant dumpster for garbage service.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There is a vault style outhouse which is clean and well stocked.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouse is handicap accessible.

Firewood: Firewood is advertised for $6.00 per bundle. However, I would bring your own because I think it comes from the roving host and you would have to track them down.

Pets: Pets on a leash only.

Picnic Area: No picnic area here.

Recreation: People camp here in a group most of the time so camping is the main recreation here. Elk Creek runs near the campground. The creek can be used for playing in the cool water on a hot summer day or for fishing if you can find a calm pool.

Fishing: Fishing is available in Marsh Creek, Cape Horn Creek, Beaver Creek, other small streams, the Salmon River, Cape Horn Lakes and Stanley Lake. Be sure to check the regulations for local restrictions.

Boating: No boating here.

Swimming: Wading only in Elk Creek.

Wildlife: There is a large meadow beside the campground where one might watch for deer, elk or even a bear. Wolves live in this area.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have published reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Thatcher Creek, Trap Creek, Sheep Trail, Stanley Lake, Lakeview, Inlet and Iron Creek campgrounds. There are many free primitive campsites along the south side of Hwy 21, especially up Stanley Lake Road and Iron Creek Road.

Fee Schedule: As of May 2017 the daily fee is $46.29 for the group site. For the individual camper, the fee is $14.00 and is only available if the group site is not reserved.

Campground Reservations: As with Sheep Trail Campground, this campground is reservable as a group site at If the campground is not reserved, you may camp as an individual camper in any of the sites. However, it is reserved most summer weekends.

Phone service: The nearest pay phone or cell phone reception is at Stanley.

Nearby Services: Stanley will have the supplies or services you may be in need of. You will find gas, propane, food, pop, ice and even a dinner in Stanley.

RV Dumping Site: If you need an RV dumping station, there is one just south of Stanley, Idaho.

Location/Driving instructions: From Stanley, Idaho, drive NW on Hwy 21 about 7.5 miles. Elk Creek Campground is on the north side of the highway.

Coordinates: 44.28889,-115.03194

Elevation: 6532 Feet

Reviewed: July 2010

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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