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Line Creek Stock Camp

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Line Creek Stock Camp is situated along the St Joe River on flat land. The flat is grassy with a few trees scattered about and quite a bit of underbrush. It is fairly primitive having no picnic tables and just a few fire rings. There are feed bunks for the stock at each site and good parking space. The area is made up of fairly steep country with a mature forest but the mountains are not big like you would encounter in central Idaho.

Campsites: There are nine campsites with gravel driveways and a gravel road.

Host on Site: No, however one could get help at the Red Ives Ranger Station.

Water: No, but the stock could water at the river.

Garbage Services: No

Electricity Available: No

Restroom: There are two vault style outhouses which were reasonably clean.

Handicap Accessible: The outhouses are handicap accessible.

Firewood: None available, you will need to provide your own.

Pets: Pets are allowed but should be kept leashed.

Picnic Area: No

Recreation: Recreation from this campground is meant to be from horseback. There are many trails in the area. I have included a map of the area on our "Trail" page in our Spruce Tree Campground review.

Fishing: Fishing is available on the St Joe River and is one of the main attractions! Check the regulations here.

Boating: No

Swimming: No

Wildlife: Deer, elk, black and grizzly bear live here with other smaller wildlife. There is a grizzly bear warning at the campground. Not that one is in the area causing trouble just that they live here and may be encountered.

Additional Camping Opportunities: We have reviews for these nearby campgrounds; Shadowy St Joe Campground, Huckleberry Campground, Upper Landing Picnic Area, Packsaddle Campground, Turner Flat Campground, Tin Can Flat Campground, Conrad Crossing Campgrounds, Fly Flat Campground and Beaver Creek Camp .

Fee Schedule: This is a donation only campground.

Campground Reservations: No reservations here.

Phone service: None.

Nearby Services: The nearest basic services and food stuffs would be at Avery, Idaho.

RV Dumping Site: There is a dump station at Upper Landing Picnic Area.

Location/Driving instructions: Follow this Google Map from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

Coordinates: 47.043532,-115.349297

Elevation: 3746 Feet

Reviewed: July 2013

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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