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Packer John Campground

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Packer John Campground is located in Meadows, Idaho, along a small creek. The land is level and had mature trees but little undergrowth. This historic site has not been taken care of and is not a campground I would consider using. The camp host's site had old cars and junk packed around an old camper. The campgrounds were unkempt. The outhouses were fairly freshly painted but the doors were coming off and the seats were laying on the ground. Some online info states this is a "State Park" but it is not listed as such at the state's website.

Campsites: There was something like 20 campsites. Some campsites had a table but most just had a small fire grate and many of these were damaged.

Host on Site: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Garbage Services: Yes.

Electricity Available: No.

Restroom: There are three older outhouses available however I wouldn't use any of them.

Handicap Accessible: No.

Firewood: No.

Pets: Unknown.

Picnic Area: No.

Recreation: Fixing up the campground, Ha!

Fishing: No.

Boating: No.

Swimming: No.

Wildlife: Deer only as this is near town.

Additional Camping Opportunities: None published.

Fee Schedule: $5.00 per day.

Campground Reservations: None.

Phone service: Available in New Meadows only a few miles away.

Nearby Services: Gas, food and other supplies and services are available in New Meadows.

RV Dumping Site: No.

Location/Driving instructions: From McCall, Idaho follow this GoogleMap.

Coordinates: 44.9580820,-116.2246030

Elevation: 4085 Feet

Reviewed: September 2010

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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