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The Selway River is located in the northern part of Central Idaho. It has its beginnings in the Bitterroot Mountains and is more than 120 miles long from its confluence with the Lochsa River. The two rivers merge to form the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River. We have reviews for 9 campgrounds along the Selway River and Meadow Creek.

7 on the Selway River; Johnson Bar Campground, O'Hara Campground, Rackliff Campground, Boyd Creek Campground, 25 Mile Bar Campground, Glover Campground and Race Creek Campground

2 more on Meadow Creek; Selway Falls Campground, and Slim's Camp.

Attractions on the Selway River include fishing (salmon, steelhead and trout), rafting, kayaking, floating (on the lower part), hiking into the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, and camping. Check out our pictures of Selway Falls.

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