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Ten Mile Campground

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Ten Mile Campground is located on both sides of Hwy 21 north of Idaho City on the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Route. Half between Hwy 21 and Mores Creek, the other half north of Hwy 21 against the hills. There would be fishing in Mores Creek though it would probably be somewhat challenging due to brushy conditions. Kids could play in it and cool down on warm summer days, or you could try your hand at panning gold. Some of the sites are "cozier" than others, and it is a nice place for the family to relax on a weekend. The elevation at the campground is about 5200 feet, so the night will probably be fairly cool.

Campsites: There are fifteen camping sites total. Each has a picnic table, lantern pole and fire pit with grill. Sites 1-9 are on a loop near the creek. Sites 1-4 are very small and would not be usable by even a medium sized RV. I think of these sites as too close to the Hwy and too close together, but not everyone would agree. Two were occupied when we reviewed Ten Mile Campground even though other sites were available, check out our pictures and make your own choice. Site 5 is a double site and is larger with more parking and is near the creek. Camping sites 10 through 15 are above the Hwy, are larger and separated a bit more.

Water: There is a hand pump well available for drinking water, however, I found it too highly metallic in flavor and would not recommend drinking it.

Garbage Services: Garbage service is available.

Restroom: Two newer vault style outhouses are in the campground, one on each side of the Hwy.

Handicap Accessible: These toilets are handicap accessible.

Pets: Pets on a leash please.

Fishing: Limited fishing in Mores Creek.

Boating: None

Swimming: Playing in the creek, yes, swimming, not really.

Wildlife: There are many mule deer and black bear in this area to be seen.

Fee Schedule: $15.00 per site per night for singles and $30.00 for doubles.

Campground Reservations: These site are not part of the national reservation system, so call 1-208-392-6681 for reservation info.

Phone service: There was no phone service or cell phone reception.

Nearby Services: Idaho City has a gas station, and a couple convenience stores and restaurants to provide you with most of the services you could need.

RV Dumping Site: There is a dumping station near Idaho City.

Location/Driving instructions: Travel 8.8 mile NE on Hwy 21 from Idaho City to Ten Mile Campground.

Coordinates: 43.897376,-115.711569

Elevation: 4843 Feet

Reviewed: May 2010

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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Andrew Boydston:

Lovely Ponderosa trees with appropriate forest floor foliage. Both sides of the highway access are the campsites and both sides have campsite creek frontage. The highway has light traffic which it lays adjacent to campgrounds. The traffic seemed only one car every five-ten minutes during daylight hours. After dark, it trickles down to one car passing at lower speeds. Caution to big camper trailers and fifth wheels it's not for you at all. The sites have small slots from 20-30 feet deep but have lovely campsites. A folding pop-up camper would work well in about half the campsites. Hence the four-star rating. The highway noise is not a problem, especially on the west campground which has about a half-dozen campsites going up another drainage feeding into the main creek on the east side of the highway. First come first serve so if you want a site plan an early in the week trip to this luxuriant forest location with creeks. It is serene and quiet enough. Our pass-through witnessed a "big" (80-100 lbs or more) beaver crossing the road only a mile from Ten Mile campground and we also saw three elk standing in the middle of the creek starring two large does and a spring baby between them. Nature is there for those who have the nack for finding it. The elevation of 5,200 feet bothered my own health condition but if fit, no problems for exploring. I'm a campground groupie who loves folding yard chairs, a creek and a fire. Bring a camera and the animals may put on a show equal to the wild flowers.
June 14, 2018 5:26 am

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