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Willow Creek Campground

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We really liked this campground. It is a 9 unit campground along the Boise River. This campground is surrounded with mature pine trees and the Boise River is picturesque, nearly begging you to fish. The sagebrush hillsides are broken up with shaded forest in the draws. The campground is far enough away from the main road to make most camping sites quite pleasant.

Campsites: This campground consists of 9 unites. 4 of them were the conventional pull in type. #5 you must park beside it, 6-9 had common area parking. #7 was away from other campers but closer to the road and river. All sites have tables, fire pit and a barbecue stand.

Water: Drinking water is available from a hand pump.

Garbage Services: No. Pack in, pack out.

Restroom: There is a double vault style restroom.

Handicap Accessible: Yes.

Pets: Pets are welcome on a leash. Saddle pack, draft animals are prohibited.

Recreation: River fishing, camping, hiking, wildlife watching, ATV's

Fishing: Great fishing in the Boise River.

Boating: No boat access at this campground.

Wildlife: Deer and elk. We saw wild horses on the hillside 3 miles past Willow Creek Campground.

Fee Schedule: No fees were posted when we were there which was 2 weeks before fishing season started. Nor was there a pay station.

Campground Reservations: First come first served.

Phone service: There is phone service 5 miles NE at Twin Springs Resort, population 2.

Nearby Services: Drinks, ice, phone and mini-mart at Twin Springs Resort 5 mi NE on Rd 268

RV Dumping Site: No dumping site at Willow Creek Campground.

Location/Driving instructions: NE from Boise on Hwy 21 approximately 18 miles then, turn right onto Arrowrock/Spring Shores Road/Rd #268 and travel 21.6 miles. This is a slow winding mostly gravel road. It will be about an hours drive from Highway 21. I'm a slow poke so it was more for us.

Coordinates: 43.644059,-115.752793

Elevation: 3280 Feet

Reviewed: May 2010

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.

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