Photo Gallery

Giant Whitepine Campground Recreation

A picture of the sign and the

Check out the reason for the campground name, the tree is decomposing and someday we may wonder how the campground got it's name.

A picture of one of the picnic tables that are available near the giant white pine.

If you would like to stop for a "picnic" you will find a couple picnic tables near the giant white pine.

the creek at giant whitepine campground

Looks like a good place to cool ones feet on a hot summer day. As you may see from the picture, it was dim and raining while we were there.

map of hiking trails in the area

If you are interested in a little hiking, this map may help.

A picture of the main trailhead at Giant White Pine Campground.

This is one of two trailheads

A picture of the trailhead for trail 228 at Giant White Pine Campground.

Trail number 228 trailhead