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The Salmon River from Stanley, Idaho, to Clayton, Idaho, has a colorful past and an exciting present. The three most popular activities along the Salmon River are camping, fly fishing and rafting.

For camping in the Sunbeam Area we have reviews for the following campgrounds; Salmon River Campground, Riverside Campground, Casino Creek Campground, Mormon Bend Campground, Blind Creek Campground, Flat Rock Campground, Pole Creek Campground, Custer #1 Campground, Eightmile Campground, Upper O'Brien Campground and Lower O'Brien Campground. I hope these will help you when picking your vacation site.

There is a map below on this page which will give you some idea of the lay out of the river. There are many companies on the internet which offer trips down the river. There is also a picture of the raft put in ramp near Sunbeam.

If you would like to see some historic attractions of the area, checkout the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge, Bonanza, Sunbeam, Sunbeam Dam, Sunbeam Bathhouse and Custer. Each link has pictures and some information on the various attractions. The links to Bonanza and Custer have information from the forest service about the history of the Yankee Fork, not just the ghost towns. We toured the Yankee Fork Gold Dredge and found it very worth the time. It was actually rather busy. The town of Custer was mostly destroyed but has been turned into a museum. I highly recommend touring it.

This information is accurate as of the date of the review.


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